Al-ḥamdu Lillāh It's Friday Open Thread

Disruptive technologies.

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The composer Howard Goodall came up with a series of very interesting documentaries several years ago, which was published as a book, and is now available on youtube.




Growthism Open Thread.

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Good things do come out of Big Academia.


I had never heard of Umair Haque.  Here's one of his blogposts.  When we are told by our Dear Leader to follow the USA in all its modern manifestations - led by Goldman Sachs et al, it should a sobering read for all of us.  But having invented the world's largest and most resilient caste system, I get the feeling that our Vaishya community will be falling over Capitalism.  Or better still Growthism


Forward Recall Open Thread

I thought this was rather interesting:

Parapsychologists have made outlandish claims about precognition – knowledge of unpredictable future events – for years. But the fringe phenomenon is about to get a mainstream airing: a paper providing evidence for its existence has been accepted for publication by the leading social psychology journal.

Open Shawshank Redemption Thread

Counsels of War: the outside world's response to ISIL

The Jeddah Communiqué of Sept. 11, 2014 is a masterpiece of do-nothing-ism.  The Sept 15 Paris conference's communiqué is another.


Asharq al-Awsat reports Iran's Ali Khameini is roused from his hospital bed to express his annoyance about Iran not being invited to the party in Paris.


And Iraq's new prime minister is toeing the line for his Iranian masters.


The fight against ISIL is not going well.  Though its brutality has alienated almost everyone, ISIL's position seems stronger than ever: its enemies are disunited.  Yet ISIL suffers from its own internal divisions.  What can possibly be done to counter the threat posed by ISIL?


The Baghdad government is useless.  Quit supporting it.  The various Shiite militias, both out of Iran and within Iraq are the only entities putting up a meaningful fight against ISIL.  The Kurds are hard-pressed and nobody's supporting them.  Given Turkey's treachery, America ought to respond by only backing the Kurds.  Leave the rest to save themselves.


Obama's a fairly clever, cautious war president.  I like the way he rolls.  But his biggest mistake to date was misjudging the outcome in Libya.  The people we backed in Libya weren't exactly grateful for our support in their war against Qaddafi: they murdered our ambassador.  Clinton had enough sense to stay out of the Balkans for a year after his bombing campaign, lifting the siege of Sarajevo.  My prognosis for the remainder of Obama's term is fairly optimistic, he's proven his mettle over time.  But he's going to have to keep John Kerry on a pretty short leash:  there are no political solutions worth considering at this point.  Further conferences of the sort we've seen in Jeddah and Paris are pointless and comical.


Up-To-Date Open Thread (With Questions)

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So far, as of today (Sunday 21 Sept 14), I've had some difficulty accessing the site - SO: in case any of our regulars are feeling "Left-Behind" (sorry, gents: no Rapture, just internet glitches) - here's a new OT.


PS: The "questions" are : 1)have you had any problems with accessing the site today? And 2) have you noticed/cared??



Astronomy = We're Hicks Open Thread

Astronomy has a special way of puncturing a guy's sense of importance. First you find out the sun is a smallish star. Then that we're on the outskirts of our galaxy. 


Now it turns out our galaxy is on the last subway stop to the most distant suburb of some super galaxy cluster called Laniakea: 

We're hicks, astronomy, OK? We get it.

Open and Thread-like

Wired reports the icloud/nude celebrity photo hacks relied on law enforcement surveillance technology: 

Sign the petition Open Thread

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Being an anti-theist doesn't necessarily mean one cannot like (or even love) certain theisms.  And there are few more fascinating theisms than the Yezidis.

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