A New Era Begins

As of now, Jay C, M Scott, and Jordan are officially the new moderators. In theory, their term will extend to December 27, 2014.


This is a long time, and from experience I can say that the job can be thankless, which makes it longer. Please then have a heart and give the guys as little work as possible.


It is also a good time for a round of thanks to our former moderators. They did a great job, and for longer than they expected too.


It is useful to note that The Forvm has been losing traffic for a number of years. It is hard to say exactly why this is and we've discussed it before. Part of it has been effective spam filtering. But it is clear that the community is now smaller than it was originally.


Yet, the traffic trend has reversed these past few months, though by no means have we recovered our former glory.


As we head to the 2014 mid terms, traffic may even pick up further. Personally I still find information here that I do not find elsewhere; this is not a credulous bunch. I don't know that anybody should make a special effort to attract people to the site, but keeping up the quality can never be a bad thing, for us, for those who lurk, returning exiles, and perhaps even for a new participant or two.


In a word, don't just keep it classy, try to make it interesting too.


Let's give a warm welcome to the new crew! Go.


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I will break them in (ha,


I will break them in (ha, they've been around the block) by provoking a drag out fight with the opposition.  When, with whom, and where are to be determined.

Leave Me Alone...You Beast!



Sheldon Adelson deflates Da Jersey Pufferfish


The only Occupied Territory now is Da Pufferfish's nether orifice, with Sherman Adelson's nice shiny Florsheim shoe rammed therein.

Now you can't say "occupied territories"?


Go to this link and search for "occupied". The term or its variants have been used by every administration since Johnson, at least.


I hope someone will ask Christie... is he implying that the territories are not occupied? That they are actually part of Greater Israel? Because that would be a departure from decades-long view of the US government.

"I don't want us to descend into a nation of bloggers." - Steve Jobs

Yeah, I wish someone would ask Big Chris

Jay C's picture

Exactly what he really meant: for a chunky guy, the contortions he'll have to go through will be amusing, to say the least. 

Of course, official designations for the " occupied" ( or " not") territories are pretty much irrelevant : the main definition is always going to depend on who writes the checks - same as it ever was...

Saturday night jams....


Come Alive, Chromeo (w/Toro y Moi)  Inescapable riff, slick and lovely.


Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap.  Best use of vocoder, ever.  Given some insight into one woman's heart, I feel taken aback, unsure how to react.  Terribly compelling.


Solar - Metheny/Holland/Hancock/DeJohnette .   Original by Miles Davis, who had it put on his tombstone  So I went out to dinner last night with the g/f.  These days, she's on the aircraft and I'm working out of the house.  Comes back after two days away, worked too many hours.  We go down to the steakhouse, the parking lot is packed.  We drove past a few places, ended up at at Shanghai Bistro.  We're sitting right in front of the stage.  Three boys (how young people seem to me any more!), one still in college, amble up to the stage and start to play.  Hollow body guitar, trumpet and flugelhorn, keyboards. Nice stuff, competently played, fake books at the ready.  Absolutely nobody else in the joint clapped for the solos and I realised we were the only ones listening.  A few bucks in the tip jar, some encouragement and they played anything I wanted thereafter.  And this was one of the tunes I chose.

that's not acquired taste

brutusettu's picture

this is acquired taste


that Chromeo song is mildly reminding me of other songs, but they're mostly just out of my reach.   Electric Feel by MGMT is coming to mind for some reason.


But the looks of the 1st vocalist, looks a little like Daryl Palumbo of Head Automatica when viewed from a tiny screen.




Jazz, I'm still think this jazz stuff is like some sort of inside joke, as if people are espousing the joys of whitewashing.

Here's the deal with jazz, how to come to terms with it.


In Baroque music, a far-less confusing, seemingly rigorous thing, plenty of improvisation was going on, best explained by the Bach chorales.  They began as ordinary simple hymns, well known to everyone who heard them, for the congregation sang them.  By the time Bach had transformed these songs, using principles every jazz musician knows today, they were vastly more than the sum of their parts.  Bach is where all jazz begins.  It never stops, this constant inheriting of old tunes and re-translating them through new voices, the pleasant conversation of skilled musicians among themselves.


Ask yourself, is there anything more tiresome than going to a show, only to be given the studio version of the Big Hit?  Don't you want something else, a slightly different take on a tune you've heard a dozen times too often already?  Now contemplate how tiresome it must be that band.  Take it from a guy who's had to play the straight version of music he played too often.  It's appalling.  First, there's no soul to it.  You're just trying to emulate something created by the engineer and producer.   Once you've gotten that cleared up, playing music is plenty good fun when you can walk around on a theme, with people of like mind.


The only metaphor I can use for jazz is the Chinese calligrapher.  To read Chinese or Japanese, you must first learn to write it, though you could, I suppose, just learn to identify characters from kai shu, the printed characters, or from li shu, the old formal script.   But that's not how people actually write things to each other.  They use xing shu, the running hand or cao shu, the cursive hand.  You might ask, godamity, how can these people read such sloppy writing:  that cao shu version looks like a mess.  There's a trick.  You can't just write a Chinese character any way you like.  It's all dependent on stroke order.  These two characters are ZHONG and GUO.  Together, they mean China.  But they are always written in the same stroke order, so the scribbles make sense.


In this same way, you must play jazz progressions in order.  They come with handy charts called fake books.  Think of them as topics of conversation and the performance exactly like the threads of our own Forvm, sometimes riddled with cliches and horrid dissonances.  But notice the bottom line of the Solar chart:  it's where you can go to listen to the original.  Miles Davis, Walkin'. 



"Jazz is the music played during The Aristocrats"

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Jazz generally uses traditional jazz instruments.  There's that omnipresent inescapable detail of jazz.





Rage Against The Machine-Killing In The Name (Less Angry Version)

Metallica-Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)




"They come with handy charts called fake books. "  So, they fake it.  You don't know what you have done.

Good stuff. That youtube of Miles has busted audio though,


at least for me. This one sounds a little better, though none of the ones on youtube seem to sound very good. The Chromeo vid looks like they hired the extras from the 80s. If we're going to play some amazing music, hm, let's see....



Pretty sure catchy linked that album at one time or another.

"Hell is truth seen too late." --Thomas Hobbes

I get my tuneage through Rhapsody, which has far better quality


so I chose the first vid with the 54 version from Walking.  Everyone's videos these days are terrible.  As you say, the Chromeo vid has this ersatz-80s feel to it.  De La Soul is such a uplifting outfit, puts me in mind of younger days.  Those first little horn chords put me in mind of Children of Production, an ancient jam from the PFunk collective, even earlier.


Of late, I've been doing a lot of catch-up on bands I once liked and haven't paid attention to in years.  So much good stuff out these days,  But tonight, I've gone back to a deeply troubled time in my life, to the mid 70s.  Rupert Holmes.  Talk.  Sappy, romantic stuff, I suppose.  Deadly accurate, sophisticated changes, nobody quite like this guy, before or since. 

Instead of trying to lure business here, why don't we


simply go out and annex a few neighboring websites, claiming that most of their people are Forvmites anyway?

"Hell is truth seen too late." --Thomas Hobbes

We'll moderate them into submission.



And confirm their annexation via a poll:

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(when I figure out how to post one, that is) Along the Crimea-style lines of:


Do you favor voluntary annexation into the Internet collective/cooperative known as FORVMCOLLCOOPCONFED*?


 -  Yes.


 -  Certainly.



* We may need to work on a catchier acronym



Catchyland? -nt-



"Hell is truth seen too late." --Thomas Hobbes

A Really Great New Beginning...Fabulously Funny Gentlemen...


....I am trying to write a worthy review of the movie Noah...but there were surprising personal adventures within the theater....and so I have two stories going....where maybe I need only one.


Whatever, thanks for the smart laugh.



Good Idea!


Anyone who types in English should be fair game.

eeyn, Darth and Andrew -- nicely done.


My thanks, you guys.

Excellent post


and a nice reminder of what I love about this place. Been reading and lurking since, well, since Bird Dog was posting maps of Cambodia back in the day, and there's definitely something here that you just can't get elsewhere. It'll be interesting to see how long this experiment can last...